Friday, August 6, 2010

L.L. Bean Signature F/W 2011

Damn! L.L. Bean Signature raised the bar with their F/W line. J.crew better watch their "affordable" ass because the "king of boots" is bringing it hard with a line full of archive inspired pieces and some straight up wicked cool prep winter essentials; all of which come in at a more affordable price point! Following are some of my favorite looks so far, take note of the brown tweed jacket definitly on the top of my list for F/W.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

10 Essentials For Summer #4

6.Polos: This is a preppy staple and something every man should have in his arsenal. A polo is a must have piece as it can easily be dressed up or down and is extremely versatile. It can be paired with a blazer and chinos, or with shorts and and a hoodie and create a look that is either wedding or beach ready. Almost every clothing company makes a polo so look around and find which best suites you and your wallet! I personally prefer Rugby, who takes a more sporty approach with a hidden placket, rubber buttons, and a more tailord fit. Look around and find one that fits your own personal style, and if your feeling extra preppy pop that collar like your just don't give a damn.

Monday, July 19, 2010

10 Essentials For Summer #3

5. Ribbon Belts: These are a must have for any good summer wardrobe as they can turn a boring pair of khaki chinos into fun loving summer trousers. And because they're cheap you can afford to buy one to match anything. Also you can do what I did and make your own for even cheaper!
Pick up this one from J.Press which is currently offering 25% off their entire summer collection.

Friday, July 16, 2010


This may be the greatest movie I have ever seen! Please go see it as soon as possible it is a masterpiece. Also Joseph Gordan-Levitt is a sartorial inspiration throughout, Love that guy! Doesn't hurt that Ellen Paige is a cutie either!

Monday, July 5, 2010

10 Essentials For Summer #2

Alright today we take a look at some must have bottom wear for summer.

3. Swim Trunks: Again a no brainer it's summer which means beach trips and pool side parties; but, do everyone a favor and pick up a pair that doesn't make you look like a total idiot. Leave anything over a 7 1/2 inch inseam to the surfers.

4."Fun" bottoms: As the days heat up so should your attire, spring and summer is the time to break out the "go to hell", madras and seersucker pants/shorts. Just remember to wear them confidently, if you don't it will ruin the whole look.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sale Tracker

Take note of the "Sale Tracker" on the right side of the page. Here I will post updates on current sales so you never miss one again. Make sure you keep an eye on it!

10 Essentials For Summer

So W.C.P seems to be heading in a different direction as more of a blog for inspiration rather then sketches. Although they will continue; also get excited for an upcoming belt I finished just in time for the 4th of July.

So without further ado the top 10 things every man needs from the feet up. Shoes are up first!

1. Sperry Top-Siders: No Explanation needed. Although Sperry reigns supreme when it comes to boat shoes if you want something a little different check out Sebago.

2. White Bucks: Though hotly debated, I think these are an absolute must for summer. They go great with seersucker, nantucket reds, and maybe even jeans if you can pull it off. You can find some cheap ones at Bass Shoes.

Friday, June 25, 2010

West Coast "Preppy"

On the east coast, preppy style is the result of years of WASP culture and lifestyle; where the cloths echo an age old heritage. Fall and winter is full of fair isle sweaters, wool top coats and newsboy caps, Bean Boots and corduroys.Spring and summer consist of seersucker suits, madras shorts with boat shoes and no socks; Nantucket reds and "go-to-hell" pinks and greens, a time when people go wild with color after a long dreary winter.

So somewhere along the line as this style moved westward it was mutated and perverted until it became the abomination it is on the west coast. Some how "preppy" on the west coast came to represent a Californian look that is made up of over-sized board shorts and sandals, t-shirts and hoodies with over branding,along with tainted versions of the polo,pre-ripped chinos etc. A look that seems to stem more from surf culture then from a University.

Luckily for me I discovered the true Ivy influenced prep style that defines places like New England, The Hamptons, Nantucket, etc. For me this style represents America; an America when men had more pride in the appearance, regardless of social and economic standing. When dressing your best for Sunday was a must,and now man would be caught dead in a t-shirt and sweats in public. For me style like this is timeless and goes beyond clothes and into everyday life, affecting the way a man carries himself and treats others. So In closing I would urge more men to take pride in what they wear and to trade in their graphic tee from hollister for a polo at the very least, and to save their sandles and board shorts for the beach.

Monday, June 7, 2010


Inspired by the surrounding harbor here in Marina del Rey, this sea worthy outfit revolves around a water resistant rain slicker in classic yellow, with nautical detailing and a soft chambry lineing. He then finishes off the look with a crisp contrast collar oxford, and an ankle cut chino in go-to-hell green.

DOCK SLICKER: Yellow with Blue-Grey Chambry Lining.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Collegiate Cardigan.

I like this one a lot, this is the first time I colored the hair and I think it looks pretty good. But on to the important stuff, his clothes! I originally had intended to do a tartan or plaid shirt hence the lines, but opted out for a solid oxford. It was originally blue but a reader stated that it looked a little to corporate so I went with the classic preppy pink on green look. Overall I think it turned out well, take note of the nautical WCP patch.

EMBLEM TIE:Red with Pennants
WATCH BAND:Green/Orange

Sunday, May 2, 2010

WC Lighthouse Tee.

I feel like these past two sketches have slightly better proportions then the first two,although this guy's left shoulder is a little big. Anyway keeping it simple this time with a faded tee and chino shorts, I think it creates a really clean and effortless look; especially when paired with a pair of classic plimsolls.


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Heritage Blazer.

This is probably my favorite so far, I especially like the madras bow tie.This is a slightly dressier look; but the pocket patch,and contrast collar together with rolled red chinos make it quintessentially preppy.

HERITAGE BLAZER: Navy with Patch, Brass Buttons
MADRAS BOW TIE: Cream/Red/Sky/Yellow

Seersucker Trim.

Legs seem like they may be a little short; maybe it's just because he's leaning against a wall, oh well too late. I was a little daring on this colors wise: pink, green, blue, and navy.It looks somewhat strange but after awhile fiddling with it I think I like it. This guy looks pretty laid back with a loose tie, rumpled oxford, and boat shoes; but, add a classic navy blazer or a seersucker sports coat and he's ready for brunch at the country club.

TRIM OXFORD: White with Blue Seersucker Trim.
REPP STRIPE TIE: Navy/Pink/Green

First Sketch!

W.C.P. First conceptual sketch, his polo looks a little short and he appears to be wearing his short a tad high on his waist, whoopsie. It's my first sketch, so bear with me they get better. He's got a classic preppy look with the pink polo, and embroidered green shorts. He reaches the next level with the brown loafers sans socks, all he needs now is a sweater tied around his shoulders...maybe I'll add that later.

REPP STRIPE PIQUE POLO: Pink with Pink/Navy Grosgrain Trim
CRITTER CHINO SHORTS: Mint with Navy Embroidered Sail Boats.